Monday, September 3, 2012

because i'm brilliant....

in case you are living under a rock - today was labor day.  that means that christmas is just around the corner!

i'm always asked to provide a list of things that i want to various people - my parents, jeff's mom, jeff, everyone else.  and i really like practical gifts the most.  give me cool cookware over jewelery any day.  well.  cookware and gingiebread boys.

anyway.  in an effort to keep those thoughts organized this year, i've created a pinterest board called "christmas wish list" and installed the "pin it" button on my toolbar.  this way - when i'm perusing or or whatever - i can just pin an item to that wish list.  and then everything is in one place.

i'm so smart.  i wanted to share my smarts with others. 

and then i'm going to pin this smart thing on pinterest so i can get credit........

and since i need a christmas photo go to with the pin - here are some gingiebread boys!