Friday, July 13, 2012

revisiting that 2012 bucket list....

isn't it funny how in the blink of an eye - it's almost august? 

i would like to take a minute to revisit that 2012 Bucket List that i drafted way back in January to review the progress that i have made. 

sadly - there hasn't been a lot of progress.  but let's take a look anyway.

karen's 2012 bucket list:

  • clean out nina's old toy room and set up the extra bedroom furniture in it for guests - just in case - well - half the task is better than none of the task....
  • clean out the old office
  • clean out the new office
  • clean under our bed - it's so often forgotten
  • clean out and reorganize my closet - and hopefully let go of the fat jeans
  • host a kick ass garage $ale - we had plans to do this in May.  even started gathering stuff and purchased supplies for pricing.  but the spring calendar full of dance recitals, graduation activities, and work gave us one weekend to do this task - and then something mandatory came up that postponed it.  which was okay because i wasn't ready anyway.  now we can't try again until the fall.  because who has a garage sale in the 100+ temps of july....
  • do one thing completely out of character that no one would ever expect me to do - and make sure it's not illegal - i still need ideas....
  • share one breathtaking memory with jeff and nina - i did this!  i totally did!!!  while on our summer vacation/road trip - we saw many beautiful sites.  but nothing quite so awe inspiring as hiking around devil's tower in Wyoming.  it's just so amazing.  i only wish i had worn better shoes.  and mount rushmore was pretty kick bootie too.  especially when you realize the carved the whole thing with dynamite!!
  • relax in the pool more than once per season  - i've managed twice in the pool!  once with a kick butt homemade sangria!
  • go on a picnic
  • go camping. more than once.
  • pretend to be tourists in our own city and take in the some of the sights of STL in one weekend
  • prepare a turkey dinner - i've only ever done it once
  • bake a pie from scratch including crust - i've never done that
  • read all of 210 of the fairy tales written by the Grimm Brothers - thanks to jeff - i already have the book to get me started
  • take time off of work and not check in with the office or email the entire time - i made an attempt and it lasted for exactly one business day.  epic fail.

o the bucket list is a work in progress - one that i will likely have to continue into 2013.  but i am able to cross off a little.  it means my whole year hasn't been a waste.....