Sunday, January 1, 2012

A 2012 Bucket List

i was giving it some thought - and i decided i'm going to create a bucket list of things i would like to accomplish in 2012.  you know, in case the world ends or something crazy like that - i want to make sure i have something to show for it.

so here it goes.

karen's 2012 bucket list:

  • clean out nina's old toy room and set up the extra bedroom furniture in it for guests - just in case
  • clean out the old office
  • clean out the new office
  • clean under our bed - it's so often forgotten
  • clean out and reorganize my closet - and hopefully let go of the fat jeans
  • host a kick ass garage $ale
  • do one thing completely out of character that no one would ever expect me to do - and make sure it's not illegal
  • share one breathtaking memory with jeff and nina
  • relax in the pool more than once per season
  • go on a picnic
  • go camping.  more than once.
  • pretend to be tourists in our own city and take in the some of the sights of STL in one weekend
  • prepare a turkey dinner - i've only ever done it once
  • bake a pie from scratch including crust - i've never done that
  • read all of 210 of the fairy tales written by the Grimm Brothers - thanks to jeff - i already have the book to get me started
  • take time off of work and not check in with the office or email the entire time
stay tuned to see me cross items off the list!

1 comment:

  1. i must say. i can't wait to read this blog :-) Maybe when I come in town this summer I can help you make that pie crust! It's one of the few (or the only) domestic-from-scratch kind of thing I really know how to do.