Monday, January 16, 2012

damn you trader joes!

i don't remember this process being this hard when i went through it two years ago - but i seem to be having a tougher time this go round.  it could be that i'm under more stress than i was under then - i'm not sure.

i fell apart at least two days this week.  and downfall started with this:

that's right.  a nice healthy snack.  organic popcorn with olive oil.  my coworker bought a bag for a meeting she was having at work and talked about it's awesomeness.  and it is full of awesomeness.  it's uber crisp for starters.  and the olive oil flavor is so subtle.  and it doesn't even have a bad calorie count at 130 calories per every two cups.  

the problem is sticking to two cups.  three times this week i fell victim to "i'll just have a handful"... which lead to "one more handful won't hurt".  and then "okay this is the last handful."  then "no i MEAN IT THIS IS THE LAST HANDFUL." 

how do you track what turned into an uncountable number of handfuls?? 

combine that with a day where it took 2 hours and 8 minutes to drive my 13 mile commute to the office and i totally skipped two days of tracking....

and on top of that - on saturday, i dragged jeff over to trader joes (he may never forgive me or ever go again because trader joes on saturday is the equivalent to kids diving into a pinata candy pile).  i purchased six bags of the stuff (at $2 a piece - that's cheaper the okedoke!) 

but now i'm going to use measuring cups and try to control myself a little bit better.

in other news....
  • we bought a new digital scale this week - easier to see when i've actually lost than trying to track the arrow on the dial...
  • purchased the new complete weight watchers cookbook because my sparkpeople cookbook is lost somewhere in the STL postal system and i hate waiting...
  • i'm apparently vitamin d deficient - this is ironic because when they checked it in august i was fine.  now that i'm in an office with a window and have more sun exposure - my levels have decreased.  back on the multi-vitamin with a vitamin d kicker for me...
  • i face a MEGA big challenge this week.  my first business trip to KC.  ugh. 

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