Friday, January 20, 2012

seasons 52 - i think i heart you....will you be my valentine??

so yesterday we had a pre/post-walk event at the granfalloon on the plaza in KC.  i ate there once before.  lobster ravioli in a tomato vodka sauce.  to. die. for.

but we weren't having lobster ravioli in tomato vodka sauce.  we were serving pizza and mini brats and - um - nachos maybe?  i didn't get close enough to really look.  i made sure i stayed clear on the other side of the room. 

but our boss said we could go out to dinner after - since we never get to eat due to all the schmoozing our job requires....

when i told her that alex and i were trying to eat healthy - she suggested this place that was new on the plaza called seasons 52.  she ate there once and they have this philosophy about free-range, healthy meals.  and get this:

no single item as listed on their menu has more than 475 calories.  entrees - 475.  salads - 475.  cute little mini dessert shooters - 475.  it's AMAZING.  and the portions are nothing to cough at! 

i had this awesome cedar planked salmon that came with asparagus (that's right mom - i eat that now!) and carrots and a few little red potatoes.  so so so so yummy.  and not at all full of guilt.

and when the waiter - who was training to be a wine sommelier and gave us a mini education on which red wines had the best antioxidant whatnots and were thus healthiest which has all gone out of my head - brought around the tray of mini dessert shooters - i was not at all tempted by the Rocky road (aka MAJOR WEAKNESS) in a shot glass...

when one of the group suggested that the mini desserts couldn't be so bad, i talked all intelligently about how it's the tiny things that are totally misleading when it comes to calorie counting and that each one of those mini shooter options probably had between 200-300 calories....

when i got back to the hotel and looked up the webpage online - i was delighted to see the calorie counts listed and i was dead on with the dessert counts.

see?  if i focus - i'm totally on.....

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