Monday, January 2, 2012

January's Overall Goal....Portion Control

so today is the day that i consider day 1 of my year long journey.  every month i will adopt a new healthy habit on the first day of the month.  i am using a broad definition of the word "health" so that i am focusing on body, mind and spirit - and not just on diet and exercise. 
by adopting one habit at a time and focusing on it before adopting something new - i won't be overwhelmed taking on too many things at once.  so here we go. 

JANUARY 2012 - Portion Control

my focus for the month of january is portion control.  break out the food scale, measuring cups and spoons.

nutritional goals:

calorie intake:  1220-1570 per day
carb intake:  137-255 g per day
fat intake:  27-67 g per day
protein intake:  60-137 g per day
water intake:  at least 64 ounces a day (less caffeine!!)

i should also burn 660 calories per week through cardio - but that will get added in next month.

i will make better food choices but not deprive myself of what i enjoy.  it's not about what i can't eat or drink - it's about controlling the amount of what i DO eat or drink...

most importantly - i will try not to eat emotionally.  food will not make anything better.  only actions effect change.

tools for success:

  1. - a free online community dedicated to developing a healthy lifestyle.  an excellent resource for tracking food and exercise to maintain goals, healthy recipes, success tips, motivation, etc.  also features very active message boards tailored to meet different needs and goals full of great advice...
  2. the sparkpeople ap for my iphone - to keep me tracking when i can't get to my computer.
  3. The Spark - a motivational book written by the founder of Spark People...
  4. measuring cups, measuring spoons, food scale...
  5. crystal light packets...
  6. emotional support - you all know what i'm doing - so let's be positive!


  1. Don't forget to weight train, it burns longer and makes you stronger!! Good luck!

  2. weight training and cardio are very important the wholep process. but i'm focusing on one thing at a time, one month at a time. otherwise i will get overwhelmed, stressed, and quit. i had a lot of success with this particular program two years ago...

    so i'll get there. for now - it's all about getting a handle on what i put into my body. then i'll focus on how to burn it off....