Sunday, March 18, 2012

making a dent in the bucket list.....

so nina and i are on spring break this week.  and one of the things that i had hoped to do this week was work on an item from my bucket list for 2012. 

you will recall that the first item on the list was "clean out nina's old toy room and set up the extra bedroom furniture in it for guests - just in case."  with jeff out of town for the weekend at a bowling tourney - i thought it was a good time to ge started. 

now these pictures are going to be a little bit shocking.  i'm not very proud.  this is the room where all the barbies and petshops went to die over the years.  when nina would clean up her room she would take stuff downstairs to that room and toss it in and close the door.  with the door closed all the time - it was easily an out of site out of mind situation.  so i was a bit shocked when one day i peeked in for some reason and realize that it looked kinda like this:

i'm not proud.  please don't judge us.

so yesterday nina and i spent a couple of hours down there working.  but with only a few boxes and trash bags and a big rain storm that kept us from getting stuff out of the house - we didn't get as far as i would like.  and there was several moments of feeling extremely overwhelmed.  kinda like people on hoarders.  except without the rotting food and dead critters. 

so we sought the reinforcing help of a big trash can and nina's friend lucy.  in just four short hours - we saw this:

that's floor.  and carpet. 

we made three trips to the dumpster, and there's still some trash in the garage and in the big trash can that we'll have to get out to the dumpsters after they are emptied.  and i have five boxes and three trash bags to take to goodwill tomorrow.  but now it looks like this:

see how the door opens all the way?  and you can see floor??  and those boxes are full of stuff to sell in the garage sale that is also on my bucket list.  we aren't quite ready to move in the bedroom furniture yet - but this is such a step in the direction of crossing off the first item on my bucket list!!!

and here are my two sweaty helpers standing in the room:

i just ordered them pizza.  i think they earned it.  and i guess i will unground them for their recent report cards too......