Saturday, January 7, 2012

week one - you can suck it - cause i'm stronger than you....

things i did this week... (bad first)
  • declared every staff/faculty member of my daughter's school to be incompetent when it comes to communication skills
  • spent an entire day ranting and raving about the above incompetencies to anyone who would listen
  • decided that the word "federal" instantly makes everything more confusing, challenging and more difficult than it needed to be
  • started to have a meltdown in my boss's office following a staff meeting when she said i looked overwhelmed, almost bursting into hysterical tears, choking them back, and turning down the offer of taking time for myself that day because it wasn't going to solve the overwhelmed feeling
  • compared myself to people i hate - and entertained the thought that i am no better than they are for about 5 seconds
this is what led me to ending friday in my bath tub, pretending it was a luxurious hot tub with my book and this: 


    things i did this week....(now for the good)
    • drank 64 ounces of water five out of six days so far
    • brought my lunch to work all four work days
    • read a little on each lunch break as an escape
    • met my calorie goals every day without going over and treated myself to two hershey's kisses before bed as a treat
    • experimented with my own adaption of a recipe for saturday dinner and didn't need to order pizza
    • ordered the sparkpeople cookbook
    • consumed no more than 2 caffeinated beverages a day
    • realized my stress was only amplified by the fact that i wasn't coping by eating something a canister of pringles or a package of double stuf oreos
    • did not give in to the increased desire to feed that stress by eating a canister of pringles or a package of double stuf oreos (or anything else bad for that matter)
    • instead of even acknowledging the pringles and oreos in the store - i purchased the following aids to get me through next week - cause this time i'm going to be prepared....



    1. you are a rock star. i'm so impressed!

    2. I know you can do it ! Jim K.