Sunday, April 8, 2012

sharing my wisdom....

so while in KC the other day, the barista at the Starbucks shared a piece of knowledge that I am passing on to all of you.

the only difference between a venti and a grande is that the venti has one more pump of syrup and more milk. they both have the same amount of espresso. so if you get the larger one because you want more caffeine - like I have always done - you are only getting more calories. To get the biggest caffeine bang for your buck - go grande.

Use this knowledge wisely.


  1. a barista has told me that before!! I said something like "i'm going for a venti b/c i'm really tired." and she said "well that won't help you at all; it all has the same amount of caffeine." that is good to know, my friend. you're so wise :-)

  2. i feel like i've been robbed of years and years of caffination. it's probably some scam to make us buy more starbucks. "you know - this venti should do the trick! wait. i'm still groggy. i must need another venti!!!" i'm onto you starbucks.

  3. Damn! I have lost tons of money and gained tons of cals! thx for the info!

  4. Wth? I commented with my name... lol