Monday, June 11, 2012

things that totally sucked today...

the following things totally sucked today:

  1. skipped breakfast to go to the doctor.
  2. forgot my lunch.
  3. the scale at the doctor's office gave me a number 2.5 pounds heavier than my home scale - which gave me a number 2.5 pounds higher than yesterday.  they both lie.  and i don't appreciate when it lies on my medical file.
  4. when taking my blood pressure - the m.a. at the doctor's office looked at me and said "hmm.  you're arm is in between sizes." and slapped a large cuff on me.  um.  my arm ain't that freaking big.
  5. would have made it to the office quicker if i had a row boat to get through the puddles on forest park parkway.
  6. after 45 minutes and 32 attempts to boot my computer and repeatedly getting the "no operation system installed" error prompted me to contact IT - i felt like an idiot when i realized that it was because i forgot to remove my flash drive from the usb port on friday.
  7. was 10 minutes late for my appointment in north county.
  8. my coworker told me that my new hair cut was cute only to admit that he regretted saying it 2 minutes later because he realized saying a female coworker's hair is cute might be inappropriate.
  9. was told i'm beautiful 7 times in 3 minutes by my parents' neighbor who has permanent beer goggles before he stumbled back to his house.
the following things did not totally suck today:
  1. i woke up.  beats the alternative.
  2. got to the doctor 45 minutes early due to lack of traffic. 
  3. bonus - got a decent phlebotomist
  4. got much needed rain for the lawn.
  5. made it back to our neighborhood 30 minutes early after work because i didn't have to go back to the office after my meeting in north county.
  6. my monday is also my thursday.
  7. that makes tomorrow my friday - for almost 2 weeks. 
  8. chocolate chip banana mini muffins.
  9. so far bunheads isn't totally awful.
  10. and i came up with as many non sucky things as i did sucky there's that.....


  1. I like this idea. I am stealing it. ;) Why don't we have pics of the new do yet?

  2. Cause I'm not fond of cameras? Who is this?