Friday, August 10, 2012

meet trouble....

it's no secret that i was quite devastated when we lost our precious sandy kitty back in april.  it kinda put me into a bit of a depression.  i always told jeff that there would be another cat after sandy.  this was never a question.  but he insisted we wait until after our june vacation....

so a couple of weeks after we got back from reno and south dakota - i started checking out the kitties looking for homes on the humane society's webpage.  but i just couldn't find a kitty picture that stole my heart.  i found sandy online first and fell in love with her there.

we had a few conditions:

i wanted a kitty young enough not to have picked up any bad habits.
i wanted a kitty young enough to not have loved someone else.
i didn't want a kitty that looked like every other gray or orange tabby - there had to be unique markings
i didn't want a tortie - because our bailey was a tortie..
jeff didn't want a black cat - cause you can't see them in the dark.
no medium or long hair cats

i mean - that's not too hard - right?  yeah.  i was getting no where with the humane society.

so in a stroke of genius - i looked at the APA webpage.  their adoption fees for kitties was "name your price" - which was very appealing to start.  they had about 90 cats in the shelter. tons of babies.  and there on page three - i found 3 kittens from the same litter and a fourth that was a rescue that stole my heart.


jeremy stole my heart online first, but the more i looked at jacob - the more i liked him.  they looked very similar - one was gray and white, the other blue and white.  their sister jewell was a calico.  and penelope was a mishmash of colors. 

so the next day, the three of us set out to the APA to meet these four kitties.  we spent a little time with each.  jacob - timid at first but started to show personality before our time with him was up.  jeremy wouldn't come out from under the bench.  jewell was alllll over the place.  inquisitive little calico.  and penelope just sat where every she was set.  it was up for a vote between jacob and jewell - and jacob won 2 to 1.

we knew the name jacob wouldn't stick.  it took us about 24 hours to settle on his name:  trouble.

you know how most cats hide under the bed for 2 days waiting for a quiet time to explore?  yeah.  not trouble.  trouble went from one litter to another - thinks we are large kittens.  immediately wanted to be in whichever room had a person.  had to be touching someone to sleep.  and was never selfish with the purring.  and he's also a big old mischief maker. 

the more we get to know trouble - the more his name fits.  for example - his favorite pastime is attacking my head.  he wakes up with the son.  and he wants to chew on my shoes (and ate nina's ear buds).

but i'll say this - it sure feels good to hear the jingle bell of a kitty running through the house again....


  1. Why did you stop at just one...? Come on and join the multiple cat family side of life!

  2. the person who cleans the litter box vetoed the idea of cleaning up after more than one....